MOD/GMOD applications app Form.

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MOD/GMOD applications app Form. Empty MOD/GMOD applications app Form.

Post by Groovy++ on Fri May 28, 2010 5:40 am

Hello Dear DHGFX'ers! Im Opening a MOD app today May 28,2010
Content must have 2-3 paragraphs with meaningful words that proves that
your really willing and also the app must have this content
(* stand for importants *-Not so important **-Fair ***-a really need info. )
E-mail/any contacts*:
section applying for***:
{2-3 paragraphs needed.)
-A test-
1. Are you a helpful member?
2. Are you confident that you'll be accepted as a MOD?
3. In your Age Can you really moderate a forum?
4. Have you've been experiencing moderating a forum?
5. If you have a chance to be a MOD what will you do first?
6. If you were Asked by a member by PM about the basics of Graphics
What will you do?
(b.)make a thread
(d.)say foul words
(If you have been caught Leeching information Don't be shy to be banned)
Photoshop Basic Questions.
1. For you what is a render?
( )
2.What is depth for you?
( )
3.What is lighting?
( )
4.What is Blending?
( )
5.4.Define C4D and also give its uses for you?
Those are basic Questions to test your intelligence Good Luck and remember
there is courage when your press "Create a new Thread"
if you have the strength to be confident but not over confident
you have a change for me to accept you ^^

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